Thistle Express - Digital Branding

Design and art direction for a brand new hotel chain launching in London

June 2017
Thistle Express

Already well-known in the travel industry for their impressive collection of London hotels, Thistle were ready to launch their new sister brand, Thistle Express. I worked with them on the launch in my role as Art Director at routesix.

The Brief:

Aimed at the economy travel market, Thistle Express provided a clean, energetic and bright series of brand guidelines which I was tasked into transforming into a flexible, responsive template for all kinds of digital uses: marketing emails, pre & post stay, transactional, landing pages, and even more that hadn't yet been thought of. 


I designed a series of email assets, all modular, designed to address those various client needs. Each element was designed from the outset to work on mobile devices, whilst challenging developers to try and be as on-brand as possible - like using dynamic elements and web fonts for the ultimate in readability and consistent style.

Using the template was as simple as dragging-and-dropping the various elements. Users could edit the text inline and routesix's in-house software, Fox, would prepare ready-to-send HTML. It was just like Mailchimp, but way sexier.

See the project below:

Modular elements
Example (transactional) email
Landing page

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