A bit of design. A bit of content creation. A bit of consultancy.
An extra pair of eyes and some helping hands right when you need it.

That's why I started Mighty Oak: for the clients who need a bit of everything or don't know what they want at all. Quality ad hoc work, from an experienced creative (well, me), simply and fairly priced per day or per project. The home of creative generalists, if you will.



From designing a simple social media post to sorting photography, production and art direction for a 30-page annual report, Mighty's made it, and can bring along all the kit to help make it happen. See the work >

Digital & Print Design / Photography / Social Media / Video / Stop-Motion Animation / Laser Cutting / Signage / Presentations & Pitch Decks


From long-form articles, to videos, to snappy social campaigns, the right content puts your brand in the big-leagues. It's not just about platforms or hashtags — it's about making stuff your audience want in the first place.

Whilst I can't promise you'll get shared by James Blunt, earn 20k retweets, or get in the Wall Street Journal — I have made it happen before, and worked with plenty of companies to create original content that cuts through the noise.


When you work with your products and services all day, every day, it can sometimes get hard to focus on the bigger picture: what to say, what not to say, what needs explaining, what's too geeky.

I've worked together with businesses of all sizes — from startups to corporates, B2B to B2C — to refine their messaging, rewrite and redesign their pitches, and re-establish their core identity. Check out an example >


Olly's passion for his work and his vocational approach is a pleasure to be around, as he challenges the status quo and strives to find better ways of doing things.

Simon English
Strategy Director

"We enlisted Olly to get creative with our new brand. Everyone across our global business was delighted with the results. We were particularly impressed by the attention to detail, creativity and sensitivity when it came to bringing to life our brand and some particularly data-heavy content."

Lucy Haines
Marketing Manager, EcoAct

"I can't recommend Olly highly enough. He writes with humour and creative flair and can always be relied on to produce work that's highly original and a joy to read. He's a pretty good speaker too, and is generally a top bloke."

Rosie Allsopp
Features Editor, Guernsey Press


Let’s Work Together

During the pandemic, I'm working from home in SW London for the time being, but happy to speak via Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or just about any platform you can think of.