When I moved to London, I was convinced I wanted to work for the BIG AGENCIES on BIG ACCOUNTS. I admit, I still can't help but get a little envious when I see those blockbuster TV spots or massive million-pound takeovers of Oxford Circus.

But, having now spent 5 years in the industry, I very quickly came to realise that it wasn't all it was cracked up to be; my clients — especially startups — who HAD employed the big agencies got so caught up in the bureaucracy, management loops, and were such small-fry accounts to those agencies that the output inevitably turned out dull and everybody's time got wasted.

The clients got angry, the work was ill-fitting, and the other creatives had nothing to work with; there's only so much lipstick one can put on a pig. But at least the agencies still got a shitton of money for it, so I guess someone benefited.

I'm tired of it. I'm tired of seeing brilliant clients and brilliant products getting stifled by bad creative, unclear messaging, or awkward branding. It's why I made Mighty, because I wanted an agency with a clear premise:


Here's the deal: you get access to a boatload of copywriting, print, pitching, presentation and digital experience, all for a simple fixed or time-based price. That's it. I'm not here to flog you marketing automation, programmatic, or blockchain, mostly because I don't know what any of that is.

I care solely about making your message clear. I care about making it easy to understand, compelling, and nice to look at - regardless of what that message is, where you're putting it, or how big your company is. You'd be amazed at how often that bit gets overlooked. But I've done it for massive cruise ship companies all the way down to the nichest of B2B startups. And I'd love to do it for you too.

From rewriting a company's pitch to just designing a graphic, my approach is simple: I wouldn't give you any work I wouldn't personally put my stamp on. It's the ultimate test of a client-agency relationship, and I'll almost certainly regret setting such a firm standard. But trust me, for both our sakes, it's worth it: you're paying for creative, after all — we both deserve to be proud of it and I want to put you on this website too.

So why not get me in for a day?


Olly's passion for his work and his vocational approach is a pleasure to be around, as he challenges the status quo and strives to find better ways of doing things.

Simon English
Strategy Director

"We enlisted Olly to get creative with our new brand. Everyone across our global business was delighted with the results. We were particularly impressed by the attention to detail, creativity and sensitivity when it came to bringing to life our brand and some particularly data-heavy content."

Lucy Haines
Marketing Manager, EcoAct

"I can't recommend Olly highly enough. He writes with humour and creative flair and can always be relied on to produce work that's highly original and a joy to read. He's a pretty good speaker too, and is generally a top bloke."

Rosie Allsopp
Features Editor, Guernsey Press

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