Art Direction

Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruises

A brand new, flexible email template for the group's most loyal customers.

February 2017
Royal Caribbean International

Two major players in the global cruise and holiday sector, I worked with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises in my role as Art Director at routesix.

Client need:

Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises sent out a quarterly newsletter to customers on their loyalty schemes: The Crown & Anchor Society and Captain's Club. Despite these customers being highly engaged, the emails they were receiving didn't seem to serve them: they were full of text, image-light, and didn't make the most of Royal & Celebrity's latest brand assets — like their stunning hero imagery, inspiring new colour schemes and new ship launches.

Both brands needed a radical new design that could reduce the amount of copy needed, be better suited and more inspirational for users, and promote the group's off-season routes.



A brand series of new template panels, pulling through the brand’s webfont and addressing the new ways users preferred to browse destinations. The design & tech was more on-brand than ever before and delivered a consistently high Click to Open rate of 40%.

Royal Caribbean
Celebrity Cruises

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