ACE - Magazine Ad

How to explain to the world what 'structural engineering' really means and making a splash for a new company.

August 2017
Amatrix Consulting Engineers

Amatrix is a small but flourishing team of structural engineers based in London. A new company, Amatrix didn't have a ton of brand assets to play with, but wanted me to help them make a splash with a full-page ad in architecture's prestigious RIBA Magazine.

Together we agreed to run a simple, eye catching, copy-led campaign. As I'm pretty new to the world of architecture, I spent some time with the team to understand exactly what Amatrix were about and what structural engineering really means.

My key finding was: whilst architects are the ones who get all the credit for designing a beautiful building, it's actually the structural engineers who make it all happen and figure it out - often without so much as a name-drop. And that seemed unjust to me, so we made a campaign that wasn't afraid to be a bit cheeky about it.

See the ad below.

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